"Poezie a veškeré umění jsou poskvrnou
a připomínají lidským společnostem,
že nejsme zdraví,
i kdyby nám bylo zatěžko se k tomu

-- Czesław Miłosz

LOVE never fails ... for God is Love (part II.)

6. června 2015 v 19:44 | Marie |  Fokus

Continuation of the previous blog >> LOVE never fails ... for God is Love (part I.) <<

5) Confusion about roles.

As I indicated above, men are supposed to be the leaders. The leaders of relationships and marriages, the protectors of their wives, the heads of their families. There's nothing worse than a woman chasing a man. At the same time, this doesn't implicate that girls ought to sit in a corner. Yes, we'd better stop "waiting on men" and start waiting on God.

After all, besides already mentioned Bathsheba Everdene, my favorite literary character is Jane Eyre. And also Ruth from the Bible, without hesitation. These are the heroines. These are the unconventional women who did not fear to speak their mind. To go over hills and dales. And they all were looking for a home.

Let me quote from one of the best articles I've ever read:

>> Women can learn so much from this great Victorian heroine. This is not to suggest that Jane Eyre didn't have flaws. She continues to call her love interest "master," which is pretty bizarre. She can be semi-subservient to him. She isn't a perfect character, which I love about her, too. Still, there's much to be learned from the way she chooses to live. Here are some pieces of wisdom that women could learn from 'Jane Eyre':

1. You can overcome your past, no matter how bad it is.
2. 'Your will shall decide your destiny."
3. Tell guy you want to date him already!
4. Loving and respecting yourself is essential, and is the key to independence.
5. Be positive.
6. Don't ever let anyone tell you you can't do something just because you're a woman.
7. You are stronger than you think.
8. "Most true is it that 'beauty is in the eye of the gazer.'"
9. The possibilities for life are endless for those who take risks.
10. Don't be afraid to speak your mind.
11. If you choose to get married, do so only for love. <<

Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors: Love Will Bring You Home

6) Replacing the object of our worship. Unhealthy relationships.

"I could not, in those days, see God for his creature: of whom I had made an idol."

What more can I say. We've all been there. I've been there several times. I suggest you read the following two articles, perfectly capturing this issue:

>> Jane has made an idol of Rochester, just as the people of 'Hudson's Statue' have made idols of undeserving gods rather than the true God. Brontë, then, also condemns idolatry; after Jane realizes her sin of idolizing man, she knows it is her duty as a faithful Christian to leave Rochester, so that she can again bask in the light of God. After removing her idol Rochester from obstruction of God, Jane would be able to see the Truth. ...

To emphasize Jane's mistake of idolizing Rochester further, Brontë uses the point-of-view and concludes Chapter XXV from the point of view of an older, wiser Jane reflecting back on her young foolishness. Reminiscing on her past, she clearly realizes her unhealthy obsession with Rochester. The future Jane realizes that 'in those days' she could not see God for her idol. No longer in the midst of those days, Jane receives authority to objectively mull over actual circumstances without the chaos and whirl of emotions. Through this point of view, Brontë herself speaks to the readers and warns of idolatry. This passage also reveals the urgent danger in which Jane has unknowingly involved herself. <<

Innocence Mission: God Is Love

>> We know it's unhealthy, and it stresses us out, so why can't we move on? Basically it comes down to this: We're not sure if we really want to. <<

>> God wants you to see His unconditional heart for you. He also wants you to treat yourself with the value He ascribed to you when He gave His life for you. <<

>> Be kind to yourself. Be patient with yourself-just as God is. <<

What shall I say in conclusion? The most important thing.

Love is not commodity or merchandise. You can not advertise it, save time and money on it, buy it or consume it. Love is not instant soup. It is a home-made wholesome food. Real LOVE is the only investment that you will never regret, no matter where it leads you. Love is something you can pray for, create, initiate; you can nurture it, nourish it, care for it, protect it, fight for it. You can fall in love, you can change out of love, you can diminish yourself through love, you can grow in love. You can live for love and even die for love. Under all circumstances, LOVE never fails.


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